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    The land is separated, but the sea is connected. Not only providing us the opportunity to live, the sea also gives us the opportunities to communicate, to cooperate and to love.

    No words can express my thanks to you, my friends for your care and support over the years, and I very much appreciate your continuous help and support. As you know that Sunshine is the rising sun in the east and the first ray on the sea, and our company is just like it, it is rising, rising with the vast chest of the sea, and stretching its arms to embrace each opportunity that you may offer, we will take good care of each of your requirements making sure that it is satisfied at last.

    Warmly welcome you to Sunshine Foods Co., Ltd. you know that we are always connected by the sea.

    Handsome(Hanshi in Chinese): a young and robust enterprise from a background of ancient culture.

    Rubbings and Hanli(an official script as well as an ancient style of calligraphy in the Han Dynasty)represent primitive simplicity and a long history. Classic ripples symbolize growth and development. Ingrained stone implies that the corporate culture accompanies the national steadiness. The vast sea indicates that the company welcomes the first ray of the sunshine and starts the journey of the glory.
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